Quick Math Jr. School Edition – Recommended App

Quick Math junior

Cost:  $8.99 – I have the School Edition- it includes all the levels for a one-time fee.  I hate being nickeled and dimed.  You can download a free version that includes one level for free.

Does it need parental supervision?  Nope.  This game doesn’t even have words.  No reading required.  Super intuitive. 

Recommended for Ages:  The developers say the intended age is 3–7, because it works on foundational math skills, such as number sense, number writing, basic patterns, addition, subtraction, place value, and number recognition to 100. 

What is it exactly?

This monstrously adorable math adventure features cute little monsters that move around a fictional math world.  Each game starts simple, but becomes more challenging as children play.  This scaffolding of content allows children to progress in their mathematical skills at their own pace.  If they do well they earn body parts they can add to their monsters to customize them in silly and adorable ways.  

Corona virus quarantine criteria:

Can I work from home while my child is doing this?  Yes.  This app is really several small games in one, and the increasing level of difficulty makes the game constantly seem new.  It is highly engaging, so much so that my usually squirmy three-year-old has played this app for close to an hour. 

Can I count this as “school?” You bet! This app will truly build vital foundational math skills.  When school ever opens up again your child’s teacher will be impressed with their new mathematical knowledge.