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Life constantly provides teachable moments, here is a blog that chronicles some of my favorites

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My Story

My name is Dr. Jennie Burke

This website was created to share my passion for education.  I just can’t help myself. I see nearly everything in life as an opportunity to learn, and I compulsively want to share that new knowledge with others.  Teaching and learning go hand in hand, and I just can’t stop doing either!  Please check out my blog, Teachable Moments, to see tips and read stories that will hopefully inspire you to work with the young learners in your life.

The name Can’t Stop Teaching was selected to honor my addiction to education, but it is also a call to action.  As a social studies educator, I firmly believe in the importance of educating children about their world.  Even when (or especially when) the past or the present isn’t pleasant, we have a mission to educate young people in the desperate hope of creating a better tomorrow.   We CAN’T STOP TEACHING! Please check out the free Online Resources for lesson plans and materials created by myself and my fabulous former college students turned educators.